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Cannot be put into words (music and reading)

When I returned to uni five years ago, I used to do most of my reading, note-taking and typing-up in the Templeman library cafe. I used to get there just after 8am, and often stay until gone 10pm. I just … Continue reading

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What’s at the back of the cave? (Michelle Paver, ‘Dark Matter’)

‘I cling to my routine because I lost it once. It reassured me. Even though I know that security is an illusion’, writes Jack Miller in his personal journal, which makes up the bulk of Michelle Paver’s Dark Matter (2010). … Continue reading

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A Terrible Dislocation of Souls (document fiction and the supernatural)

So, this is probably going to be a running theme within this blog. Basically, I had the idea for my dissertation (not due until September 2014) before I’d even applied for the MA and Bristol (which was January 2012). I’ve … Continue reading

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We came in all guns blazing anyway (Iain M Banks, ‘Consider Phlebas’ and ‘The Player of Games’)

Hello, The Internet. I am Rich Fox. I’m a man in my mid-thirties, currently living in Bristol, England. I worked as a cinema projectionist on and off for about thirteen years, and now I’m half-way through my part-time MA in … Continue reading

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