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Waiting For The Future To Hear Them (David Pinner, ‘Ritual’)

Whilst living in New Zealand, I attended a fortnightly gathering in Wellington called Curry-Beer-Men. It was, as the name suggests, an excuse for blokes to get together, eat curry, and drink beer (specialist breweries, usually.) We’d meet at someone’s house, … Continue reading

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Fate and Entanglement (Djuna Barnes, ‘Nightwood’, and Robert Aickman, ‘Choice of Weapons’)

‘You know what man really desires? (…) One of two things: to find someone who is so stupid he can lie to her, or to love someone so much that she can lie to him’ Nightwood  ‘You must have heard … Continue reading

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Extra-Heavy History (Kurt Vonnegut Jr., ‘Hocus Pocus’)

One thing that must be emphasised of the media of the Left is that, unlike the poised outrage of the media of the Right, with its daggerish jabs at absolutely anything borne of ‘unpatriotic views’, ‘socialism’ and ‘counterculturalism’, the Left … Continue reading

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