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Definitely A New Century (Steven Soderbergh’s ‘The Knick’)

The deepest incision made in The Knick, Steven Soderbergh’s debut expedition into television drama, is into the social. The world in which the Knickerbocker hospital exists is consumed by fin-de-siècle desperation; a simultaneous brushing-under-the-carpet of the barbarism of the near-past … Continue reading

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Of Clerking And Of Slaughtering (Alasdair Gray, ‘Lanark’)

Nicola Sturgeon wants Scottish legislation by Scottish MPs. A rightful request, given the political fissure caused by the not-inconsiderably close result in the 2014 independence referendum. Given the iron-clad confidence of the SNP’s political swaggering since, you might be mistaken … Continue reading

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Pelted in New Cement and Paving (China Miéville, ‘Reports of Certain Events in London’)

A factor which has always benefitted the fictional document genre is verisimilitude; if a work of fiction is shaped to not seem like fiction and instead as something you feel you could virtually hold in real-life, this creates multiple effects … Continue reading

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Exceedingly cold, almost icy (Robert Aickman, ‘Pages From a Young Girl’s Journal’)

Peter Straub said of Robert Aickman‘s fiction that “to put such strange things on paper was a valiant act of self-acceptance”. With such a compliment, we can understand that Aickman’s stories must convey some kind of honesty within them, even … Continue reading

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The bomb lives only as it is falling (Iain M Banks, ‘Use of Weapons’)

I. With such engagement, we can see how the Culture novels are progressing at this stage; book three, and yet again there are signature tropes, namely the complex central character (usually somewhat male), a female antagonist of persuasive talents over … Continue reading

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