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In The Sprawl Of The Outer City The Stench Became Narcotic (China Miéville, ‘Looking For Jake and Other Stories)

In China Miéville’s London there are shadows, and there are shadows. There are the shadows thrown by what we see and what we assume, and what we’re familiar with enough to no longer notice. The long stretch of non-sunlight cast … Continue reading

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Some Thing Borrowed: Homage and Repetition in Horror Cinema (Jennifer Kent’s ‘The Babadook’)

(Probaby contains spoilers…) The Babadook is a refreshingly good Horror film. When was the last time there was a child actor part this good? I’m thinking The Orphanage. And for Horror to feel so small-scale, even claustrophobic, in its visual … Continue reading

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Would You Like To See My Baby? (Robert Aickman, ‘Dark Entries’)

Robert Aickman’s disruptively young death to cancer in 1981 meant not only the end of his contribution to supernatural fiction, but of any popular recognition he might have received in his lifetime. Aickman’s short fiction – a diverse, thoroughly original … Continue reading

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Last Glance Back (in praise of Michael Marshall Smith)

MW has always been That Mate Who Reads A Lot, for me (I’d say to me but that makes them sound like they come and tuck me in each night, then proceed to lull me to sleep with gently orated … Continue reading

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