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Extra-Heavy History (Kurt Vonnegut Jr., ‘Hocus Pocus’)

One thing that must be emphasised of the media of the Left is that, unlike the poised outrage of the media of the Right, with its daggerish jabs at absolutely anything borne of ‘unpatriotic views’, ‘socialism’ and ‘counterculturalism’, the Left … Continue reading

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Somebody Had To Decide That The Book Was Unfit To Read (Bohumil Hrabal, ‘Too Loud a Solitude’)

One of my tutors at Kent said that Too Loud a Solitude was her favourite novel. It’s nice to hear that academics can have a favourite novel, one book that sticks out above all others as the one they most … Continue reading

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What’s at the back of the cave? (Michelle Paver, ‘Dark Matter’)

‘I cling to my routine because I lost it once. It reassured me. Even though I know that security is an illusion’, writes Jack Miller in his personal journal, which makes up the bulk of Michelle Paver’s Dark Matter (2010). … Continue reading

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